Blockzero Labs Opens $25,000 Bug Bounty for Flashstake v2 Protocol

In addition to receiving an updated audit for the Flashstake v2 protocol from and continuing to internally battle test the protocol, Blockzero Labs is opening up a $25,000 Bug Bounty to be completed over the next five days. Here are the three contracts open to the bounty.

Participants have until Friday at 6pm UTC to submit bugs.

To submit a potential bug, please submit your findings here:

All bugs submitted will receive an independent review from the Blockzero Labs Core Citizens and given a ‘Severity Score’.

Based on the Severity Score given to the bug, the user who submitted the Bug can earn up to $25,000 in compensation.

  • Participants have until Friday at 6pm UTC to submit bugs.
  • Bugs are rewarded on a first-come first-serve basis. This means, if two people submit the same bug, the person who submitted the Typeform first will be the only person eligible for compensation.
  • Not all bugs will be treated the same or given the same compensation.
  • Bugs discovered that would result in a loss of funds on the protocol will be judged with higher Severity Scores.

If you have any questions about this process or would like to discuss the security of Flash v2, please join us here in a private telegram chat.

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