Official FLASH v2 Launch FAQ

This FAQ is continuously being updated. If you spot any outdated information, please add a comment at the bottom (citing the questionable part).

What is the correct contract address for the new FLASH V2?

How do I migrate my eligible FLASH v1 to v2?

Will there be any bonus for v1 to v2 migration?

What if my LP $FLASH amounts to more than what is shown in the snapshot?

What do I do with my v1 Flashstakes?

I bought v1 FLASH after the snapshot, can I migrate them to v2?

What if I bought FLASH v1 after the grace period?

I sold v1 FLASH after the snapshot, can I migrate them to v2?

Is there anything new in the Flashstake v2 dApp?

Are the FPY and APY’s resetting in v2?

What is the difference between the Uniswap and Flashstake dApp liquidity pools?

⚡️ Three Flash Mainnet Launch Strategies | Staker vs. Maker vs. Taker

Are there any additional mining programs or incentives for migrating to v2?

Where can I view Flashstake stats?

I still haven’t claimed my original FLASH from the Claims dApp, what do I need to know?

I Flashstaked my v1 tokens for 2 years: can I let them sit idle, unstake them in 2 years, and then migrate those v1 FLASH tokens?

Where can I get further info or support?

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