Flashstake v2 Migration Guide

Below, you will find our FLASH v2 Migration Guide. If you have any other specific questions or problems that arise during this process, please refer to the links below!

Step 1.

Connect your wallet! Ensure that the wallet you are connecting matches the wallet that contained $FLASH v1 the time of the snapshot.

After connecting your wallet and entering the Flashstake Migration Bridge, you’ll see the second image below, with the two options: FLASH v2 and STAKES. Pick whichever one pertains to you.

Step 2.

After connecting your wallet, there are 2 places to check.

  • Click the “FLASH V2” to see any unclaimed $FLASH associated with your address (if applicable).
  • Click the “STAKES” to see  if you have any V1 Flash staked. If any V1 stakes have not expired yet, there is no immediate need for you to unstake early. Your tokens will still be migratable to v2 at the end of your existing Flashstake.

Step 3.

In order to migrate to FLASH v2, you’ll need to first approve your v1 Flash.

Click approve, and then Metamask (or your chosen wallet provider) will pop up with a transaction that you must approve and pay a small gas fee.


Step 3B.


For anyone who wants to unstake early, the process looks fairly identical to the v1 Migration steps outlined above.

Please be aware that if you choose to early unstake, you will be burning $FLASH in the process, and the amount of v2 $FLASH you’d receive will be much less than the amount of v1 $FLASH you currently have.

As stated above, you will be able to migrate to FLASH v2 at the end of your existing Flashstakes, so there is no urgent need to migrate now.

If you wish to unstake early, simply click “UNSTAKE”, click “Confirm”, and then MetaMask (or your chosen wallet provider) will pop up with a transaction that you must approve and pay a gas fee. After that confirms, your done! Your v1 Flashstaked tokens will have been converted to v2!

Step 4.

After a few moments, the transaction will be approved. You will now see a new button that will allow you to Migrate to FLASH v2. Click “Migrate” then click “Confirm.” Once again, another MetaMask transaction popup will occur, and this will be the last transaction that you’ll need to approve before your FLASH v1 is migrated over to v2. Your almost there!

Step 5.

After a few minutes, your transaction will confirm. You will see a message that says “Transaction Succesful,” as well as an etherscan link if you want to verify it on the blockchain.

Step 6.

Celebrate! Jump around! You’re now an official v2 Flashstronaut!

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