Flashstake vs. Uniswap | Differences and Parallels

In this video, Zach lays out all of the major parallels and differences between flash-staking using $FLASH, and Uniswap ($UNI).

Follow along with the presentation slide deck here!

Upon first glance, some of the main similarities between Uniswap and Flashstake are:

  • 100% permissionless (no admin keys)
  • Utilize AMM (automated market makers, aka liquidity pools)
  • Allow decentralized token swaps

Some of the biggest differences between Flashstake and Uniswap are:

  • Different Focus: Uniswap is focused on swapping vs. Flashstake is focused on staking
  • Token: Utility + Issuance are very different
  • LP (liquidity providers): Uniswap has static fees vs. FLASH Dynamic Rewards

To be clear, we don’t view ourselves as competitors with Uniswap at all! Flashstaking is quite a unique and novel concept, so the goal of this video is to provide you with a parallel (Uniswap) that you’re already familiar with to help tie it all together.



Learn more: https://flashstake.io


Slide Deck: http://bit.ly/FLASHvsUNI


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