whew, you made it 👋

We understand time ⌛️ is the most priceless asset in the world so thank you for giving us a little more of yours here as we introduce ourselves.

Our story is a lengthy one but our vision is simple:

Make time as tradable as money.

We understand accomplishing thisĀ isn’t going to be an easy journey but damn are we excited to pursue it.

If you want to come along on this adventure with us, there are endless ways to help us get there and earn a good amount of FLASH tokens along the way.

In no particular order, here are the 11 things you could do today that would fast forward our path to building a $1B defi protocol and empower economic freedom for humans around the world along the way.

  1. Introduce yourself on Discord and let us know how you heard about Flashstake! This truly goes a long way in helping us learn how people are coming into our ecosystem.
  2. Tweet at us! If it’s coool or creative enough and we retweet it, we will send you 1000 FLASH tokens — no questions asked!
  3. Add a little fuel to our jet engines by adding liquidity with the FLASH token. Any amount goes a long way 🙏
  4. If you want to be realllly cool, add (⚡️,⌛️) to your Twitter handle.
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