In Back to the Future, time travel is fueled by Plutonium

In the world of Web3, time travel is fueled by FLASH


The Story.

While many projects raise capital through VCs or angel investors, the Flashstake protocol has been 100% bootstrapped into reality by the pure passion of the decentralized community behind it.

In an attempt to launch the token in the fairest way possible, all genesis tokens were airdropped to the Blockzero Labs community members for their efforts in supporting the protocol.

The Real Yield.

Similar to Uniswap v3, Flashstake has a “fee switch”.

Each time someone time travels with their money (“flashstakes”), a portion of the instant upfront yield goes into the Flash Vault.

Over time, this creates an index of time-traveled tokens to be earned and owned by FLASH token holders.

Currently, there are three ways to earn FLASH

  1. Flashstake: 20%+ APY for early protocol usage
  2. Flashback: Lock FLASH for 100% APY
  3. Flashback: Lock FLASH LP tokens for 120% APY